Premier League Round 5

Round 4 Analysis and Round 5 Predictions

Old Barker tackling Chatswood Rangers on Golden Jubilee Oval 23 April 2016

So round 4 of the NSFA Premier League is done and dusted. I managed to predict four out of five matches last week, let’s see if the formula is any good for round 5.

West Pymble

The West Pymble juggernaut keeps on rolling, smashing its way 5:1 past Berowra last week. That puts West Pymble five points clear at the top of the table and a huge 15 point goal difference as well.

This week they are away to Northbridge, playing at 5:00pm. As Northbridge only have a single solitary point after four matches, I don’t think things are going to change this week.

North Sydney United

A big game last week for North Sydney saw them beat Northbridge 5:2 and rockets them up the table to the second spot, ahead of Rangers on goal difference.

This week North Sydney are away to Kissing Point, which should be a great match to watch. Kissing Point are now heading in the right direction winning their last two matches. North Sydney’s last three have been a win-draw-win so I’d have to put my money on North Sydney for a narrow win.

Chatswood Rangers

I watched Rangers play Old Barker last weekend and it was a good, interesting match, with age and experience beating youth and speed.

So far this season, their results have been mixed with the last three being win-lose-win. This week they’re at home to Knox United who are finding the Premier League a bit tough so far this year. So, Rangers get the nod from me.

Kissing Point

I haven’t seen Kissing Point play this year, nor have I talked to the team, but were some of their key players away for the first two matches? Two losses that they could have won and then two big wins beating Old Barker 4:1 and Knox United 4:1 sees them jump in to fourth place.

This week they’re at home to North Sydney and I think they’re going to find the going tough. If this match isn’t a draw, I’ll be putting my two shillings on North Sydney for a narrow win.

Lane Cove

A decent win over Lindfield last week (4:0) should lift the spirits of any team and particularly Lane Cove who lost the two preceding matches. This week they’re away to Berowra, which should be a good match to watch up on Berowra Oval. Hard to pick which team will get the upper hand here. If Berowra can keep firing for the full 90 minutes, I think they stand a good chance of coming away with the goods; otherwise, Lane Cove will deliver.

Old Barker FC

I thought Barker would win last week’s match against Rangers, but they couldn’t find the goal although they had several decent attempts.

This week they’re away to Lindfield, under lights and that puts them at a big disadvantage. They are running neck-and-neck with Lindfield on the table, just ahead on goal difference. Lindfield should win this one. If not, they have some soul searching to do.


Lindfield haven’t lost at home so far this season, but they haven’t won away from home. Last week they were away to Lane Cove, last week they lost to Lane Cove.

This week they’re at home, under lights to Old Barker FC. I think Charles Bean is where Lindfield can deliver the goods and this week will be no exception.


Don’t feel bad about the loss last week Berowra; everyone is losing to West Pymble so far this season. But a 5:1 loss doesn’t help your goal difference when it comes to the pointy end of the season.

This week Berowra has a slightly simpler task, hosting Lane Cove. This should be a good tight match and well worth a look. I think Berowra will win this one, if they can play at pace and focus for the full 90 minutes.

Knox United

Knox lost 4:1 to Kissing Point last week which must have knocked the wind out of their sails, coming off a decent win against Northbridge the week prior. That’s three losses out of four and they need a couple of decent wins to stop the rot.

This week Knox are away to Chatswood Rangers who are currently third on the table, so I suspect this match might be more about damage control for Knox rather than a look for a win.


One draw at the beginning of the season and three losses is a hard place to be. But every game except one has seen Northbridge get on to the score sheet, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Still looking for their first big win they’re up against West Pymble this week. Home ground advantage will count for something, but probably not very much. Sorry boys, much as I’d like to see you get your first big win, I don’t think it’s going to be this week.

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