Premier League round-up – July 25

All eyes turn to the middle of the table

Willoughby have sealed the Premiership for the season and so the focus now turns to the middle of the table where there is enough points in the last few matches to see some huge upsets. Almost every team has the capability to beat their opposition on the day and I think we’re going to see some great clashes over the next couple of weeks.

TeamLast WeekResultThis Week
Willoughby Dalleys39No Game39
Kissing Point28No Game28
North Sydney28Lost28
Chatswood Rangers20Won23
Lane Cove16Won19
West Pymble15Won18
Mt Colah13Lost13
Knox United7Lost7

Willoughby Dalleys

The match between Willoughby and Kissing Point did not take place on Saturday because the Kissing Point pitch was waterlogged. So the Willoughby boys went to watch North Sydney play Lindfield. Willoughby could seal the Premier League if Lindfield won at home without the need for them kicking a ball. Lindfield won and therefore Willoughby won the Premier League.

They still have matches with West Pymble, Chatswood Rangers and Kissing Point which they are likely to win.

Kissing Point

Kissing Point didn’t play Willoughby because of a waterlogged pitch, but they still have it all to play for in the remaining matches. Kissing Point has been the in-form club for the second half of the season winning six of their last seven matches. But they are only narrowly ahead of North Sydney on goal difference.

Kissing Point play Chatswood Rangers, then Willoughby and then Lane Cove and I am predicting two out of three wins (W-L-W) with them finishing-up on 34 points. If they want to keep the second spot, they’ve got to win all three matches, because that’s what I think North Sydney will do.

North Sydney

North Sydney lost to Lindfield this week (match report here) which has handed the Premier League to Willoughby, but I think they have a very good chance of grabbing second spot.

North Sydney plays Knox and then West Pymble both at home and away. If they win all three of these matches (and they should) they will get nine more points, finishing-up on 37 points and taking second spot away from Kissing Point.


Lindfield beat North Sydney last week putting them on 26 points, but they only have two matches remaining this season whereas many teams have three. So the best they can do is get to 32 points if they beat Berowra and Mt Colah.

I’m predicting wins for these next two matches but that will have them finish up on 32 points and fourth spot on the ladder.

Chatswood Rangers

We predicted a win for Chatswood and that’s what they got beating Mt Colah 2:1 at home. The rest of the season is going to be three hard matches; Kissing Point away, Lane Cove at home and then Willoughby away. I am predicting L-W-L and that finishes them up on 26 points.

Lindfield are three points clear, but Chatswood have a game in hand, so it is conceivable that they leapfrog Lindfield if they win all three and Lindfield lose their two remaining games. More importantly, they need to stay ahead of Lane Cove, Berowra and West Pymble who are only two wins behind them.

Lane Cove

A good win to Lane Cove over Berowra has seen them leapfrog Berowra. I predicted the reverse outcome and this win means they’re only two wins behind Rangers with Mt Colah, Rangers and Kissing Point on their dance card for the next three weeks. They should see the honours away to Mt Colah, but I think they’re going to find Rangers and Kissing Point tough games.


The boys from the north came down to earth with a bump after their monster win the week before. This week they lost 2:0 away to Lane Cove and with only two games left against Lindfield and then Knox I can see them losing to Lindfield but beating Knox. Mind you, last time Berowra and Lindfield met, Berowra hammered Lindfield 4:0, so two from two is a very real possibility which could see them move up a spot above Lane Cove.

West Pymble

A 4:0 win over Knox could give West Pymble the spark they need for their remaining three matches which they’re going to need as they will play Willoughby and then North Sydney both at home and away.

Sorry boys, but I’m predicting a tough end to your season.

Mt Colah

Mt Colah lost to Chatswood Rangers 2:1 away from home. Mt Colah has Lane Cove and then Lindfield to play this season and I stand by what I said last week; Mt Colah has the capability to beat these teams on the day and their narrow loss to Chatswood this week is testament to that.


Knox lost this week 4:0 to West Pymble and has sealed the wooden spoon position. Sorry lads. They play North Sydney and then Berowra to finish their season. Knox has beat North Sydney once this season, so there’s still hope for the new boys.

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