Rugby: Knox Old Boys v Woollahra Colleagues

Knox grab a great win at home

A somewhat monotonous game of forwards slugging it out in the centre of the field was the product of the two Kentwell Cup teams’, Colleagues and Knox Old Boys, meeting at Lofberg Oval.

The first 15 minutes set the scene for what to expect for a nail-bitingly intense game between these two very evenly kilted teams. Good aggression was shown from the get go, neither forward pack backing down, bringing the ball relentlessly into solid defence.

However, Colleagues broke the monotony first, grinding up-field slowly before second-rower Robert Pickering was able to drive over for a try.

KNOBS vs ColleaguesColleagues looked dangerous off the restart, using their massive inside backs to hit the ball up to the line. Fly-half, Rob Kelley, administered a ruthless fending palm early in the piece, forcing a mass restructuring of the Knox defensive structure.

The boys from Wollahra looked set to do some damage as they kept the ball static in Knox’s half until a lapse in defence and a massive charging run from winger, Richard Saville, created the second try of the day for Colleagues.

But almost immediately after, the Knox Old Boys were able to storm the Colleagues end of the field. Causing immense pressure forced penalties, for off sides and other ruck infringements, and allowed for fly-half Ryan Matthews’ to slot two penalty goals, basically back-to-back.

The score was now 10-6 and it was looking just as tight in real-time as on the scoreboard.

Colleagues did not drop their heads at this point though, returning with some more massive forward phase play, opening up their own opportunity at goal, which they successfully scored.

In return, the Old Boys ran it back at the Colleagues, massive prop Dave Burnett breaking the defensive line, players literally hanging off him.

Colleagues managed to hold out for the final minutes of the half, only breaking for another penalty that was taken again, and slotted successfully.

At half time the score was 13-9.

The second-half was characterised by two teams that seemed to lose heart as nothing they could string together was paying off with such evenly matched sides meeting each other’s skill level.

Knox vs ColleaguesBoth teams worked into each other’s halves repetitively, looking to feed off any break in defence.

However, it wasn’t until the Knox Old Boy’s were held in their own 22 for a solid 10 minutes of defence until anything paid off.

Turning the ball over from the attacking Colleagues’ forwards, the ball was finally cleared and then picked up by halfback, Andrew Dymock, who fed the ball back inside to winger Rowan Trouncer.

The Colleagues’ defence showed good commitment in cover, but couldn’t hold out as Trouncer managed to offload the ball to second-rower Taylor Myles, scoring his teams first try and bringing the score up to 13-16 after the conversion.

Knox looked to be switched on at this point.

The forwards went for it again, prop Ezra Luxton, second-rower Taylor Myles and number 8 William Beaumont ploughing the ball up bit by bit.

Colleagues’ again held strong until they were picked up for a tackler not realeasing. Knox’s opportunism never ceased as fly half Ryan Matthews opted for goal, slotting another one and bringing the game to 13-19.

Colleagues’ brought the game back desperately for the final five minutes, urging their forwards into solid impacts towards the try line. The Old Boys’ held them out yet again, on the line for the final two minutes until the referees’ whistle sounded victory for them for the day.

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