Rugby: Knox Old Boys vs Petersham

Knox run away with the match, late in the game

A deep kick off into Petersham’s 22 by Knox’s fly half 10, showed their intent to go on the attack right from the outset. Petersham looked hopeful after superbly defending the Knox attack and worked the ball back to halfway where they were awarded a penalty and Petersham’s fullback 15 managed to slot it from long range.

Knox came back with a vigorous attack, quickly getting the ball back into Petersham’s 22 with a great run down the right wing by Knox’s hooker 2. Knox then forced the ball onto Petersham’s 5 meter line using pick and drives off the ruck, chipping away at Petersham’s defence, until Knox’s prop 3 breaks through the defensive line and scored.

KNOBs vs PetershamThe re-start was followed by more static play in the centre of the field, with both teams unable to find a gap in each others defence, until Knox gives away a penalty near halfway and Petersham’s fullback 15 once again slotted a magnificent goal.

Immediately after the kick-off, Knox returned with a swift attack down the right side of the field. Knox’s halfback 9 quickly getting the ball out to the backline allowed Knox’s 22 to find a hole in Petersham’s defence and score in the right corner.

As the whistle sounded for the end of the first half both teams left the field in good form, looking to get ahead in the next half with Knox leading 10 to Petersham’s 6.

As Petersham kicked off to start the second half, Knox showed a new-found intensity as they kept control of the ball in Petersham’s half. Staging an aggressive attack, Knox utilized their forward runners in the backline to try and break a hole in the strong Petersham defence. Petersham were unable to withstand the Knox attack as number 22 made a break and as he was tackled, he executed a perfect pop to fullback 15 who scored in the right corner. With Knox’s flyhalf 10 successfully making the conversion, Knox was ahead by 11.

Knox Old Boys versus PetershamPetersham were undeterred and came back stronger, applying pressure on Knox and keeping the ball on Knox’s 22. Using forward runners off the ruck, Petersham slowly broke down Knox’s defence, which allowed their prop 3 to barge through Knox’s line and score.

Even though this looked promising, Petersham seemed to become subdued as Knox took control of the game with ferocious attack and quickly scored 3 successive tries as they began to dominate the match. The first try of their three tries scored by Knox 21 on the left wing after 20 made a fantastic break and a great offload. The next try being scored by Knox’s 22 in the right corner off of a beautiful attacking piece by the Knox backline. Knox then finished the game off in style with a vicious play down the centre of the field with second row 4 splitting Petersham’s defence and diving over the line to score. The try was successfully converted by Knox’s flyhalf 10, followed by the full-time whistle to close out the match. Knox had won 34 to Petersham’s 11.

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