The Safely Home Program

A joint initiative between NSW Police and Alzheimer’s Australia

Reproduced from an article first published by NSW Police, Brisbane Waters Local Area Command.

The Safely Home Program is a joint initiative between the NSW Police and Alzheimer’s Australia (NSW). The program was launched in August 2003, and currently has over 3000 people registered.

The Program provides rapid and accurate identification of a wandering person to allow them to be returned home. Members of the public can become involved by contacting Alzheimer’s Australia (NSW) on 1800 100 500. They will be sent an information package and registration form. The completed registration is returned to Alzheimer’s Australia (NSW) who sends a copy to the Missing Persons Unit so that the registered person’s details can be entered onto the New South Wales Police Safely Home Database.

The Safely Home Bracelet:

The Safely Home Program involves the use of a personalised stainless steel identification bracelet, designed to be worn by the person with dementia at all times. The bracelet features the NSW Police Missing Persons Unit toll free telephone number and the personal identification number linked to the NSW Police Safely Home database.

The Safely Home Database:

This database is accessible by all police 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Missing Persons Site on the NSW Police Intranet. It includes a detailed description of the registered person, contact information for their next of kin or carer, previous residential addresses and locations they may visit. The database also provides critical medical and linguistic information of the registered person. All details on the database are confidential.

How Does it Work?

When someone finds the wandering person, they simply look at the bracelet, telephone the Police toll free number on 1800 025 091 and quote the personal identification number. Police then make arrangements for the person to be returned safely home.

Safely Home is ideal for carers in home institutions and health professions caring for people in aged care facilities.

For further information on the Safely Home Program, please contact the NSW Police Missing Persons Unit on 02 8835 7655

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