School Zones reminder

Police from Traffic and Highway Patrol Command would like to remind drivers that school zones are back.

Students from both primary and secondary schools began returning to school this week (Monday 14 July 2014), after winter holidays finished.

NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith that he wanted to remind the community to slow down through school zones.

“With parents, children, teachers and support staff moving in and around schools during peak times, motorists need to be fully aware of the 40km/h speed limits in force.

“Traffic and Highway Patrol Officers will continue to focus on speed, parking, and school crossing enforcement, to ensure that our kids are safe when going to, or coming from school,” he said.

“It is also important for parents dropping their children to school to ensure that they are safe.

“So look out for buses, always park legally and safely and avoid dangerous manoeuvres, such as u-turns and three-point turns.

“When dropping your children at school encourage them to exit the car on the kerb side, for their safety.

“Slow down and help ensure the safety of our children as they return to school,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.


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