Siboni’s Coffee

Boutique coffee roasters in Pymble

Siboni’s Coffee is a boutique roasters located on Pacific Highway in Pymble, equipped with not only a wide range of coffee machines, grinders and accessories for perfect use at home or at your office, Seboni’s Coffee also supplies the finest of Arabica coffee beans which they roast themselves.

The business has been run by the Kiner family for the past nine years and has built up a good reputation with the residents and businesses in the area and is the place to go to satisfy your caffeine needs.

Customers are able to visit the store in Pymble to have a face-to-face chat with experts advising you on the ideal coffee machine, and the friendly staff are also available to have a personal talk on the phone with you. If you are looking to make an initial visit to the store, go in the late morning when they are roasting beans; simply to smell the freshly roasting coffee is worth the trip.

The price of a cup of coffee is $3 to $3.50 for a small sized takeaway cup, and $4 for a large. Upon ordering, it is noticeable that the experienced staff pour their heart and soul into the creation of the perfect cup of coffee. My latte was blended to absolute perfection, and I’m usually a green tea fanatic – however, this cup may have been good enough to convert me to coffee permanently!

Sebonis Coffee RoastersLooking around the store, old-school bags of coffee beans are scattered about the quaint interior giving it a true homely feel. There is a wide variety of coffee beans and blends to select from including Columbia, Millennium and even an Organic New Guinea Premium blend.

Perfect for coffee lovers, this boutique store has a unique blending tactic for their high quality beans bringing out each and every rich flavour, adjusted to suit your palate. Their extensive range of roast flavours have different characteristics based on the richness and sharpness of the roast; Valentino, Romeo, Organic New Guinea Premium just to name a few.

Additional to coffee and coffee machines, customers are also able to purchase the finest grinders, tampers and other additional components.

It’s clear this professional, homely establishment is commended for their expertise in coffee roasting, beautiful coffee machines and other various accessories. If you are an insane coffee lover, or just love a great pick-me-up every now and again, Siboni’s is a place worth a visit.

975 Pacific Hwy, Pymble NSW 2073
(02) 9440 3173

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