Prosecco – sparkling for the festive season

Dal Zotto's Pucino Prosecco

We asked our wine expert to select an interesting, good-value sparkling which could double for a celebratory drink on Christmas day and a great summer sparkling wine. Dal Zotto’s Pucino Prosecco was the choice.

On the return of “She who must be obeyed” from her Rhonda’s respite trip to Bali a celebratory drink was required to toast her safe return and the end of my serenity.

Fitness freak(FF) had The Shucker (TS) preparing oysters two ways – a la naturale and spicy kilpatrick.

I removed the crown seal of the Dlaz Otto to reveal a fresh spritzy sparkle reminiscent of a dry apple cider to taste.

Dalz Otto Prosecco BottleDal Zotto are a family owned vineyard from King Valley, Victoria who have been pioneering the Venetian or Prosecco grape for over 10 years. This style of wine is particularly suited to the cool climate, high altitude vineyards of Dal Zotto.

Owner, Otto Dal Zotto was born in Valdobbiadene, Italy, home of the Italian favourite Prosecco.

Their Dalz Otto sparkling is easy to drink and perfect with fresh seafood, particularly during the warmer summer weather.

  • Dal Zotto’s Pucino Prosecco
  • King Valley, VIC
  • $18-$23
  • Crown Seal
  • Drink now
  • ALC/VOL 10.5%