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A family orientated suburb

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The suburb of St Ives had a relatively slow beginning due to the remoteness from the City. Since the end of World War II, St Ives has seen big growth becoming a very family orientated suburb and one of Sydney’s premier suburbs. As St Ives was not affected by the opening of the North Shore railway line, the suburb remained fairly rural until the 1950’s when development kick started population growth.


St Ives is a big suburb and sprawls between East Killara and North Turramurra, with the closet North Beaches suburb of Terry Hills bounding St Ives at the opposite end. St Ives is located off the train line, but a bus service will have you in the city in about 30 minutes. Mona Vale road runs through St Ives providing the best access to the Northern Beaches from the Ku-ring-gai area.


By 2011 the Australian Census was showing a population of 15 565 in St Ives with a growth rate of 9%. Coming from slow beginnings, St Ives now has the highest population out of all Ku-ring-Gai suburbs. St Ives population is also diverse, made up with people from many parts of the globe, including a large South African community, which is reflected in the local businesses and shops.

Type of Dwellings

85.7% of homes in St Ives are owner occupied. Including St Ives Chase, St Ives has the highest percentage of single dwelling homes in the Ku-ring-gai area.

The median house price in St Ives is close to $1 260 000 and the median unit price is roughly $703 000.


Forest Buses approx 1960
Forest Buses approx 1960

Unlike the other Ku-ring-gai suburbs, St Ives is not situated on the Pacific Highway and as a result, has no train line. However, St Ives has great bus service that runs to and from Gordon station, which is only just down the road. You can also catch an express bus into the city CBD which will take you around 40 minutes.

St Ives also offers the easiest access to the Northern Beaches, via Mona Vale road, so it’s only a short trip to the beach.


St Ives has a large shopping Village as you enter the suburb from Pymble. You will find practically everything you need in this centre. There are also a strip of shops a bit further down along Mona Vale road with cafes and restaurants.

If you are in need of a larger shopping complex, you can B-line to Macquarie shopping centre Mona Vale Road and Ryde Road.


It seems like St Ives has too many schools to choose from, with a range of schools catering for different families. In St Ives you will find:

  • St Ives Public School
  • St Ives Park Primary School
  • St Ives North Public School
  • St Ives High School
  • Corpus Christi – A Catholic Primary School
  • Brigidine College – A Private, Catholic, Secondary, Girls School
  • Masada College – A Jewish School for years Kindergarten to year 12.

Local Parks

As mentioned previously, St Ives is the largest Ku-ring-gai suburb at 14 square kilometres. As a result, St Ives is home to 32 parks that cover nearly 25% of the suburb. Some notable mentions are:

  • St Ives Showground. Home to soccer fields, an equestrian arena, a dog training ring, a remote control car track. In fact, many people use the vast spaces of the showground to fly kites or remote control planes. There is also a playground and picnic areas with wood fire BBQ’s.
  • Dalrymple-Hay Nature Reserve. This reserve boasts one of the last remaining stands of Blue Gum forest in the Sydney region. Any avid nature lover will enjoy this area. You are also very likely to encounter a lot of wild life such as wallabies, echidnas, sugar gliders and many birds.

Article source: CENTURY 21 Australia

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