Starting High School

What you need to know for your first year

Many people will try and tell you what High School is all about but in all honesty the experience is what you make it. Take the ride as it comes and enjoy the view.

Leaving Primary School is a massive step. It’s the bridge between later bed times, longer sleep-ins and an increased maturity. This is the time where you can reflect on what you’ve done and make it bigger and better. Like that science project where you glued two eggs together. High School is all about finding yourself as an individual and having a bit of fun along the way.

There’s going to be a lot of names to remember, things to keep track of and deadlines to meet. Friends to gather, stuff to learn and places to be. You’ll be challenged in ways you never thought possible and you might think it’s all way too much. But don’t.

Life is all about learning and this is no different. Everything is a new experience to everyone and the only thing anyone can ask of you is that you try your best and enjoy yourself. Don’t feel restricted by what you have to do but instead relish the challenge of doing it. Lose the stress of many teachers and gain the mentality of added resources.

JackBecause it’s really a journey that wants to make you the star. Not like a school play, this isn’t High School Musical. Zac Efron will not be meeting you for lunch ladies. It’s a journey that will provide you with all the skills you need for adult life. Treat this as your testing ground. It’s all about trial and error anyway.

Take every opportunity you can. This will make your time at school a lot more rewarding and cultivate talents you may have been unaware of. Have a go at learning new languages, take part in the performing arts and immerse yourself in the experiences being part of a school sport team can provide. In a place where you’re among the youngest it’s your peers that offer different and sometimes better methods of doing things.

Get used to organising your responsibilities and managing your time. These are not only fantastic life skills but will serve you well in High School. Your teachers will not tell you where you have to be once you’ve finished their class. Navigating and planning will be up to you. This is a great time to exercise that word you keep hearing about “independence” and that is one of the beautiful things about High School. You will get the chance to learn what it’s like to have to do activities yourself and as a result feel proud of what you’ve achieved.

A diary can be your most important weapon in defeating the forces of a heavy workload. Keep yourself notified and you can even jot down some of your goals for the year. This is also an important place to schedule days to finish your homework and in general will make your life a lot easier to manage.

All in all just enjoy yourself. Greet everyone with a smile and be yourself. High School is all about fun and you owe it to yourself to have a great experience.

Last thing though, please don’t call your teacher “Mum”, even if she is.

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