Suburban rugby 2015

God's game in the suburbs

It is the off-season for God’s own game. Those of us who were involved in the last season are missing the weekly game and social ruckus that followed. Suburban rugby is a game played by teams across Sydney that develops strong friendships and is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon in winter. Here’s how you can get involved in suburban rugby 2015.

Those of you who were not involved in rugby last year should be looking into how you can get yourself out of conflicting social events and into the world of subbies rugby.

Suburban rugby is a culmination of a few things that any great Aussie bloke loves; footy, beer and mates. Chicks even show up sometimes too.

Getting involved in subbies rugby is easy, as all clubs are open and inviting communities that welcome the support of extra players and spectating members.

Suburban clubs play within five divisions, with the majority of local clubs playing within divisions one and two. Each club fields five sides: Firsts, seconds, thirds, fourths and colts. All teams are open to players of any age, except colts, which is open for players under 21.

Division 1 & The Kentwell Cup

The first grade competition for division one clubs is called the Kentwell Cup. The three closest teams that play in this competition are Knox Old Boys, Brothers and Mosman. Division one offers a good network for social events, and the competition of the best club teams in Sydney. Rugby is serious, games are hard and fast and are a great spectacle to watch from the side line on a Saturday afternoon.

Knox Old BoysKnox Old Boys was established in 1959 and has had a fairly successful history. They play out of Lofberg oval in West Pymble and are a community similar to the Barker Old Boys group from div 2, in that they are formed largely out of old boys of Knox Grammar School.
Brothers RugbyBrothers Rugby are a team based in Roseville and gather a lot of their players from Chatswood, the St. Pius School and are affiliated with Marist Rugby Federation clubs in New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. They have just moved into the top division for the 2015 season after a successful year of rugby in division 2 during 2014.
Mosman Rugby ClubThe Mosman Rugby Club is one of the oldest, most successful and most renowned rugby clubs in Australia. The club was established in 1893 and has a huge membership of players and fans. Playing out of the Lower North Shore, this is club worth having a look at before choosing which team to join.

Division 2 & The Barraclough Cup

The Barraclough cup is the first grade competition of the second division in NSW Suburban Rugby. Division 2 provides a good level of rugby with communities of players who are more content on the sociality of these events. There are a number of local clubs to our area include St. Ives, Frenchs Forest, Lindfield and Barker Old Boys which are all warm, welcoming clubs that are keen to have new players and fans.

St IvesThe St. Ives Rugby Club was established in 1957, when the suburb was still largely rural. The Saints are one of the oldest clubs in our local area, and have a culture and pride in their game that goes along with this long-held history as a significant rugby club. Registration for this club is quick and simple if you follow the steps on their website.You can; print off the registration form and bring it to your first training session along with your fee for the season; sign up online through their website; or call one of the contacts on their website for further guidance, if technology just isn’t your thing.Registration days will be held at St.Ives Village Shops on the weekend of the 7th/8th of February.
Forest RugbyForest District Rugby Club was formed only a year after St. Ives and have had an impact on the development of youth in their area ever since. The boys from Forest have always been tough competitors and have had success over their long history, playing in multiple divisions throughout that time. Like St. Ives, registration for this club can be followed simply and easily online.
Lindfield RugbyLindfield Rugby Club was started ninety years ago by young men returning from the first world war. Establishing their club in 1920 at Lindfield Oval, the grounds were renamed Soldier’s Memorial Park in 1922 to honour their fallen comrades. Today, players still widely use the expression “Old Soldier” when talking about themselves. This is a big club with a lot of history and a warm and hearty welcome to any new player or fan.
Barker RugbyThe Barker Old Boys Rugby Club is a much newer club, established in 1968 as a team for graduates of Barker College. BOBs is especially hospitable, and open to players from any background and rugby level. Registration is a bit harder to follow with this club, but prior years have taught players to expect registration submission after one of the many pre-season training sessions.

Most teams train once or twice per week and then play matches on a Saturday afternoon.

One of the great features of subbies rugby is that club takes on club. That means all grades from one club play all grades from a competing club at the same ground on the same day, one after the other. It is a fantastic battle of suburb against suburb, mate against mate and makes for a great day of rugby, whether on the field or watching from the side-line.

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