Sydney Good Food & Wine Show

7 – 9 AUGUST 2015, 10:00 AM TO 6:00PM

Image courtesy The Good Food & Wine Show

The Sydney Good Food and Wine Show is on this weekend at Sydney Showground and is well worth a visit for those interested in food and wine and related products. The entry tickets vary depending on the experience you choose –general entry ($24.25 for a family of 4) is still available but the allocations for the VIP Lounge and other specialist tickets such as Chef’s Table and Masterclasses have been exhausted.

Good Food & Wine ShowOnce inside there is plenty to see and sample. This event has quickly taken hold with Sydneysiders and there are many who show up religiously year after year to try the produce and stock up their pantries.

The show is well organised so that products are loosely grouped together (Pantry/ Cellar/ Field/ Plate). Some brands are familiar and immediately recognisable; others are more obscure but well worth a try. Isn’t that what a Food Show is all about? We spent some time in Tuckers Natural Cheese Alley as well as the various cellar doors.

Wine glass on a lanyardMany stalls offer sample bags at a reasonable price; some prices are better than others.

A good tip for newcomers is to remember to bring carrier bags or shopping trolleys to carry all the produce you’re bound to buy. But if you forget, there is a merchandise store where you can pick up these things, as well as wine glasses for your tastings (with and without lanyard!), aprons, wine holders, etc.

Another good tip, for those who can swing it, would be to go to the show on the Friday in order to avoid the weekend crowds.

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