Taste of Texas BBQ, Waitara

Vegetarians, look away now...

The taste of Texas is a small, unassuming restaurant on Pacific Highway in Waitara. This building has been many things over the years including a pizza restaurant and a noodle bar, but I think it has found its true purpose – to be The Taste of Texas BBQ, serving real American Hickory Smoked BBQ.

Taste-of-TexasAs you walk in you are greeted with the delicious smell of Hickory Smoked meats. Looking around the small establishment there’s lots of American memorabilia lining the walls, a couple of large wood benches and a busy atmosphere. This is simple, rustic cooking from the South.

We went to Taste of Texas BBQ early evening on a Wednesday and the place was busy. All the spots at the tables were full and there was a queue to the counter to place an order. And the queue was predominantly young men.

It doesn’t take long for good news to spread around the North Shore and clearly the young men of Hornsby are talking about the meat-fest going on here.

If you are a vegetarian, now is the time to avert your eyes because The Taste of Texas is not for you. This place serves meat, beautifully smoked meat and lots of it. I chose the Texas BBQ Roundup which consists of ribs and beef.

RibsPopping open the lid of the cardboard container, I am greeted by a good supply of tender juicy Pork ribs. They are beautifully cooked and the meat falls off the bone. Pick them up and gobble them down. No need for a knife and fork with this food.

But the real winner for me is the beef tucked underneath the ribs. It has been smoked and coated in herbs and then sliced very thinly. This is excellent quality beef, well-handled and very, very tasty. My meat extravaganza comes with coleslaw, potato salad and a bread roll which balances out the meal well.

I also sampled the Dallas Garlic Sausage which is strong and tasty. Amongst our group of diners some tucked in to some Buffalo Chicken Wings. The wings come in mild, medium, hot and hotter still. We had medium and hot versions which were plenty hot enough for all of us. Only the brave would want to eat the “Hotter Still” version of the wings, or perhaps the foolhardy falling out of The Blue Gum which is on the opposite corner of the Pacific Highway.

This place is fun, casual and not trying to be anything other than simple Texan BBQ restaurant. From the huddles of young blokes both inside and out on the footpath eating, The Taste of Texas has hit its mark.

Well worth a visit.

100 Pacific Highway, Waitara
Phone: 9487-4641 or 0457656362

Open Wed – Sun. 6:00pm – 9:00pm
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