The District

Chatswood’s new precinct hosts an eclectic mix of Asian style cuisines

As though it was a palace in the sky, The District has made a resounding entrance to the Chatswood dining scene perched majestically above the railway station.

Chatswood has always been home to a wide variety of mouth-watering food courts and restaurants. These small hubs of culinary creations have been rolling out tantalising delights for as long as I can remember.

And now there’s another player in town.

The District has been open for less than a week but already its vibrantly lit interior is being filled with people eager to test out the fare of the currently open outlets. There are to be nineteen restaurants in all and the ones not yet open for business are in their final stages of preparation.

Upon walking over the bridge that leads to The District it is clear that the artistic vision leant towards an Oriental atmosphere with an aesthetic reminiscent of the laneways in Melbourne. Each shop has a neon sign attached to its roof and when looking at an angle down the length of the precinct they seem to expand outwards like a line of dominoes.

The ceiling is a patchwork of tiles decorated with Eastern depictions of flowers and powerful support columns wrapped in a multitude of Asian inspired artworks hold sturdy throughout the pavilion. The whole design augments the natural ambience and fosters an atmosphere of professionalism and fine food. The lighting is soft and flows out of tulip shaped light poles, bathing the area in a warm red light.

This, after all is the colour of good fortune and joy for the Chinese.

Not only is the interior of the place to be admired but also the vast range of differing foods. There are options for Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Japanese, Italian and even dessert lovers to try. This is truly a recruitment of cultures and flavours that combine to make The District a necessity for a wide range of eaters.


TimHoWan2Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin starred restaurant specialising in the ancient art of dumpling making. From its humble beginnings in Hong Kong this joint has people waiting for over an hour to get in and sells over 2000 Cha Siu Bao (steamed pork bun) a day. Described as cheap and with a clearly massive reputation this is definitely one to visit.
Cheers CutCheers Cut serves a combination of fried chicken and seafood whilst always delivering a quintessential Malaysian flavour. This place is home to a 12oz piece of fried chicken and is Asia’s answer to The Colonel.
1 Ton1 Ton cleverly plays on its delicacy of choice and customers can expect to receive their wonton as either, pork, chicken or seafood and in a steaming bowl of noodle soup. This is always a favourite for a simple and affordable meal.
ChocolatePotThe Choc Pot gets life from the genuine real life love story of founders Ash and Deej. Their restaurant conceptualises their passion for not only each other but for desserts and promises, “a playful twist on classic dessert favourites.”
PepperLunchPepper Lunch Express is a unique restaurant that operates through the motto of ‘Sizzling it your Way.’ The food is cooked on hot plates and calls on you to pick and choose how you want to build your meal. Their signature dish is pepper rice but sizzling steaks and pastas are another unique meal choice that is offered.

Heading to The District is very much like a High School reunion. You’re going to find places you despise for taking your lunch money but you’re also going to find love in an admiration for food in others. This new instalment to the expanding cultural mecca of Chatswood is one that will hopefully help you find your lunchtime sweetheart.

And if not? Well it looks pretty and I hear they have ice cream.

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