Turkish: The Sultan’s Table, Enmore

Turkish banquet

Turkish stuffed vegetables at The Sultan's Table

The Sultan’s table is a Turkish restaurant on Enmore Road that has been around for more than ten years. It is extremely popular and very busy. And busy means that the food is fresh, very fresh.

The décor is simple; Turkish kebab shop with a few tables out the back. But you’re not here for the ambience. You are here for the food, in a relaxed, simple atmosphere.

The signature dishes at The Sultan’s Table are their chicken and lamb shish. Cooked on an open charcoal fire which imparts a lovely char taste, their meats are succulent and tasty.

One of the simplest ways to experience what The Sultan’s Table has to offer is to order the Banquet ($35) which comes with a choice of dips served with fresh, warm bread. Followed by stuffed vegetable dishes, then Iskender kebab, pides and then a mixed grill of their signature dishes. The meal is then rounded off with sweets with Turkish tea or coffee.

The dips we had were Babaganush, Chilli Carrot, Beetroot, Jajik and Humus with Sultan’s lovely, warm bread. This would make a wonderful evening all on its own, with a chilled white wine, beer or maybe a black tea. But for us, this was merely the overture.

Turkish Pide
Cheese and vegetable pide. Image courtesy The Sultan’s Table.

Turkish stuffed vegetables are great. Dolmas, which are the Turkish equivalent of the Greek Dolmades, stuffed peppers and a particular favourite is the stuffed cabbage; rolled in to a cigar and full of a savoury rice mixture. These vegetables go perfectly with their dips, particularly the garlic-yoghurt Jajik.

Then came the pide. These are the inside-out pizza-like specialties which are common across Australia. Sultan’s fill their pide in the banquet meal with cheese and vegetables and are served piping-hot from the oven.

Are you getting full? The main dishes are still to come.

Iskender kebab comes from the north of Turkey and consists of the thinly sliced grilled lamb meat cover in a spicy tomato sauce and more of their lovely garlic mayonnaise. Very tasty, but you only need a little of the kebab, because the main event is on its way.

Grilled Chicken Kebap
Grilled chicken kebap. Image courtesy The Sultan’s Table.

Mixed grill of meats. Ours consisted of a mixture of char grilled chicken, lamb and Adana kebab. The Adana kebab is made from minced lamb and is like a soft, ground, spicy sausage. The lamb and Adana kebab were good, but the grilled chicken was the star of the evening. Grilled with a little olive oil, the meat has a deep char flavour and was juicy and succulent.

Full to bursting, we waited a while for desert which was small pieces of pistachio and rose-hip Turkish delight. Both styles of Turkish delight go perfectly with their strong coffee or tea.

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was packed and the staff looked flustered and grumpy. But, once the meal had been ordered the service was prompt and friendly. Staff behind the counter were working hard and the man slaving over pizza oven making the Turkish breads and pizza did not stop for the entire time we were in the restaurant.

This place is hugely popular and you should book if you want to sit in and eat. Sultan’s table also have take-away meals, which is clearly a huge and equally popular part of its business.

This is a good place for traditional, fresh, Turkish food.

The Sultan’s Table, Enmore
179 Enmore Road
Tel: (02) 9557 0229

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