What’s in a name?

Upper North Shore Free and Recycle It

We like the idea of hyper-local swop, sell and exchange groups like the Upper North Shore Freecycle Community. They are a great way for people to be able to offer stuff that they no longer require and get it in to the hands of someone else in the community that will give it a new life.

However, the “Upper North Shore Freecycle Community” which we wrote about some time back were not affiliated with the American freecycle.org and therefore Facebook has closed their group.

Undeterred, the same people have opened up under a new name.

Upper North Shore Free and Recycle It

Introducing the Upper North Shore Free and Recycle It group. The group is still run by Janet Dixon-Hughes and already has more than six hundred local members who want to re-use, re-purpose, swop and sometimes sell goods locally.

If you want to become a member, go to their Facebook Group page and click the button to join the group. Word or warning though, there’s lots of great stuff moving through the group, but it get snapped-up really quickly!

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