European beer on the North Shore

Bazaar Beer Café – St. Leonards

The Bazaar Beer Café in St. Leonards offers Authentic Czech and Hungarian cuisine and a large assortment of Czech, German, Slovakian, Belgian and Hungarian beers.

The festive season is a great opportunity for beer lovers to deepen their love of frosty brews, and who doesn’t love a good European beer?

Catering for corporate functions, birthday parties, anniversaries and casual drinks with friends, this café provides for all walks of beer and spirit enthusiasts.

You can sit at one of the beer-hall style benches or at normal tables where a large range of “European comfort food” is on offer alongside an extensive drinks menu.

For example, the beer snack platter is $22 and comes with spicy chicken wings, crispy pork belly bites, fried frankfurter, two party-pies (yes, party-pies) and chips. The chips are beer battered and crispy – the good kind.

You can also choose from chicken or beef burgers for $16 with chips, or even a seafood snack plate for $24. The traditional cuisine section of the menu is large and offers more expensive yet highly authentic choices from Czech and Hungary.

Five variations of schnitzel are also on offer – it wouldn’t be a European beer hall without it.

Czech cut and an Erdinger Alcohol Free
Czech cut and an Erdinger Alcohol Free

There is also a large list of starters that come for $12 for one, $23 for two and $33 for three. These items include smoked salmon rolls, prawns in creamy garlic sauce and chorizo with cheese, basil pine nuts and grano padano.

But much more importantly is the beer. Beer comes in 3 sizes; your average schooner size of 330ml, half a litre and full litres.

Nine variations of beers and mixed-beer-beverages are on offer and include Erdinger Weissbier, Czech Cut, Pilsner Urquell and Budějovický budvar premium lager. This probably strikes people as absolute gibberish, but they’re all really, really, really tasty.

Erdinger is a German brand and is the biggest producer of wheat beer in the world. A softer tasting drink, great for summer and goes down easily with food.

They even have the Erdinger Weissbier ‘non-alcoholic’ beer which means anyone can enjoy a refreshing drink without worry.

Czech Cut is a blend of half dark beer and half lager and is a traditional drink of Czech beer lovers. This is a great mix of both worlds of beer, bitter and sweet at the same time.

Pilsner Urquell directly translates to the original pilsner, because it is. The first golden beer was brewed in the city of Pilsen in the Czech republic and has been the basis of so many great beers.

Budějovický budvar premium lager is a world-renowned beer and is served all over Europe. A 700 year old tradition means this beer is matured for 90 days before served. This is another very unique beer and tastes great.

If you can’t choose, a beer tasting plate is offered; five different beers, 150ml each and costs $16. The beer tasting plate is a great way to introduce yourself and your friends to some quality drinks.

Beers cost between $6-$8 for a schooner, $8-10 for a half litre and $17-19 for full litres.

And just in case this massive menu, of which we have only included a small snippet of, wasn’t enough, European liqueurs, spirits and schnapps are also offered.

Absinth, Green Fairy Superieur and Zubrowka bison vodka are only a portion of the options offered to people whose week needs a bit more of a kick at the end than that which beer offers.

You can pay anywhere between $7.50 and $15 for the spirits on offer.

Whether you have been to Europe or not, if you enjoy a beer and like the European drinking-hall style, you are sure to find something you will love at the Bazaar Beer Café.

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